Open Seasons in Scotland

The laws and traditions surrounding the taking of live quarry are complex but over time a system of seasons has evolved whereby certain animals cannot be taken at certain times of the year. Most game animals need a time of year when they are left alone, to avoid unnecessary suffering and to conserve numbers. Open seasons vary from species to species and from place to place.

Be sure to check locally before you shoot anything which might have a closed season. Shooting is largely restricted on Sundays and Christmas Day.

Grouse 12 Aug – 10 Dec
Partridge 1 Sept – 1 Feb
Pheasant 1 Oct – 1 Feb
Ptarmigan 12 Aug – 10 Dec
Blackgame 20 Aug – 10 Dec
Common Snipe 12 Aug – 31 Jan
Woodcock 1 Aug – 31 Jan

Stags 1 July – 20 Oct
Hinds 21 Oct – 15 Feb
Buck 1 Apr – 20 Oct
Doe 21 Oct – 31 Mar
Buck 1 Sep – 30 Apr
Doe 21 Oct – 15 Feb
Stags 1 Jul – 20 Oct
Hinds 21 Oct – 15 Feb
No closed season

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"Open Seasons in Scotland"
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