Drumkilbo is available for The Open Golf Championship at Carnoustie, July 2018

Drumkilbo is an historic manor house available only on an exclusive basis for your private or corporate house party in Scotland. Its location, just an hour's drive from Edinburgh Airport, is easily accessible, yet offers the scenic grandeur of the Highlands with an abundance of activities to suit everyone in your family or group.

Drumkilbo, offers a place for you to relax in the privacy and comfort that only an ancient and historic country house can provide.

For client entertainment, corporate retreat or large house party, Drumkilbo House is a venue overflowing with history. Once frequented by the royal family, the House can let on a fully staffed or self catered basis.

Brief History of Drumkilbo

Robert the Bruce
The present house incorporates the remains of a fortified tower dating from the 13th century. Indeed, the first recorded owner of Drumkilbo was King Robert the Bruce, who gave it to Morice de Tiry in about 1300. The Tyrees were the first confirmed inhabitants of Drumkilbo. On an old tombstone in Kirkinch (Nevay) Churchyard. they are described as "honest men and brave fellows". The chief of the clan joined Robert the Bruce in the Wars of Independence.

Sir William Wallace
Scotland's national hero, William Wallace, would have known Drumkilbo well. Long before the events portrayed - not always with historical accuracy - in the film ' Braveheart ', a favourite story took place near Drumkilbo. In 1292, the young Wallace was completing his education in Dundee when he stabbed the son of the Constable of Dundee during and argument. Wallace fled into the countryside north of Dundee with English soldiers in pursuit. Coming to Longforgan, he sank down warily outside a little cottage. Mrs Smith, a good wife busy at her spinning-wheel, quickly invited him in and dressed him in her own overall that she had been wearing while spinning and set Wallace down to spin in her place. The English soldiers arrived and searched the cottage, but so disguised was Wallace, and so covered in fluff from the spinning, that they failed to recognise him and left to resume their search elsewhere.

Families Who Lived Here
The Tyrees lived at Drumkilbo for 300 years. Sir Thomas Tyree was fond of horse racing. His horse, Kildaro, won the first silver cup raced for at Perth on Palm Sunday 1631. King Charles 1 wrote to him asking for a ' loan ' of his grey gelding. This was probably the famous Kildaro, and one wonders whether the horse was ever returned to Drumkilbo.

Sir Thomas sold the estate to the Nairne family in 1650. They were descended from Michel de Narai, an Italian from Narni who came to Scotland as Italian ambassador during the reign of King Robert III.

Alexander Nairne enlarged the House in 1811, but his descendant, David Nairne, who died in 1854, was the last of the Nairnes of Drumkilbo. The property was sold to Lord Wharncliffe in about 1851.

In 1900, Drumkilbo was sold to Edward Cox of Cardean for his younger son, John Arthur Cox. The Cox family were the leading proprietors of the jute industry in Dundee. The property was then let for a time to Lord Glamis, the heir to the Earldom of Strathmore and Kinghorne, whose seat is nearby Glamis Castle.

Sir Robert Lorimer
In 1920, John Cox commissioned the leading Scottish architect of the day, Sir Robert Lorimer, to enlarge the House. This was done superbly, in a style that was in keeping with the original structure. During the alterations, some accounts with a Dundee draper were found dating from 1745, as well as an old sword, a claymore made at Solingnen.

Lord Elphinstone
In 1953, the 17th Baron Elphinstone, a cousin of HM The Queen, acquired the Estate. He was responsible for establishing the majority of the planting that is seen in the gardens today. He also wished to entertain his royal relations more comfortably and a new wing, incorporating the Royal Apartments, was added in 1963.

Weekly Rentals 2017

Peak : Easter, July and August = £4,500
Mid Season : April (except Easter), May, June, September, October half term = £4,000
Low Season: January, Feb, March, October (except school half term), Nov and December (except Christmas and New Year) = £3,700
Christmas & New Year: £4,800

Weekend lets available in Low/Mid Season only.
4 night stay £2,800.00 access 9am departure 6pm
3 night stay £2,300.00 access 9am departure 6pm

The unheated pool is available June to August – guests must supply their own towels

Drumkilbo is available for The Open Golf Championship at Carnoustie, July 2018
Price on Application - please speak to us for more information.