Luggala is a unique and special place situated in 5,000 acres in the stunning Wicklow Mountains, just 28 miles from Dublin. Luggala is situated between two beautiful lakes Loch Déan and Loch Té (Lough Dan and Lough Tay). The house has lots of history and has played host to many famous people in recent and bygone times.

The estate at Lug a' Lágha (Luggala), was bought in the 1780s by Peter La Touche, the grandson of David Digges La Touche, a Huguenot who fled from France in 1685 after King Louis XIV had revoked the Edict of Nantes. This had promised religious freedom to his Protestant subjects (the Huguenots, as French Protestants were called, were noted weavers, silversmiths and gardeners. The garden which the Right Honourable David la Touche M.P. laid out at his residence Marlay in County Dublin has recently been restored with European funding). David Digges La Touche went to Holland but subsequently followed King William III to Ireland during that Monarch's war with his father-in-law, King James II. After the Stadtholder William's victory, David La Touche stayed on in Ireland and founded a bank that bore his name and became the major financial institution in Ireland.

Luggala offers very comfortable accommodation and enjoys a specactular setting. The house has recently undergone considerable renovations throughout.