We are seeking a sporting tenant for Soval Lodge commencing the 2010 season for a rental of 1 - 3 years. The lodge consists of 6 double bedrooms, 4 single bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with a comfortable sitting room and offers the perfect base for a sporting tenant and his guests. This includes the fishing on the Laxay River and Loch Valtos as well as an opportunity to fish Loch Langavat, the top of the Grimersta system, as well as any number of trout lochs. Salmon and sea trout fishing from June to the end of October for 2 rods on the whole of the Strandavat River and Loch Strandavat. Trout fishing on Loch Soval immediately adjacent to the Lodge. There is a variety of sport which goes with the lodge, including all the fishings on the Soval Estate for one week in June every year, at the discretion of the landlord.

Winter hind stalking on Soval Estate and Pairc consisting of approximately 55,000 acres of low ground. A maximum of 5 hinds a year can be shot on Pairc and 5 hinds on Soval. The tenant will be entitled to put a boat on any of the above water at his discretion but he will have to make his own arrangements for ghillies and undertake his own stalking.
Rental: £11,000.00 per annum.